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Nov 18, 2009 11:00am EST
united states is at hland meadows emtary school making ph for healterif stil called healthier schools gram ram. mrs. obama is viting t cateria andardenhis rning. >> gssso.ave a gden ther 11:11 ur time now. pirates attack a u.s. ship for the sond t in seven months. ming up, who stopped the fm g ship. >>> and t thele will connect to the space station in the next half hour. "aantis" is getting closer to e itional space station. the slelock in about half an hour from w. it will del000 pouf anda can g a look at sndhidakeure everythis iac atirginians are onboard the ntis. >>> a group of somates ied totake ship. european union navalces say ards onboard reld the attackit gun firend a high erab onboard t ship today. >>> in virginia beach the c to free a massive bart ran round durghe nor'eter we lt ek. the barge gut ston sand r and they are trying to get it back to sea. officials sare iy the risk to the environment. >>> presidentbama isn s korea ght rning after spendghree s the president spe the last day of that visitith the predentsi of chi. he tellsbc's chief white house correspondent chuc
Nov 6, 2009 11:00am EST
, the largest army post in the united states. members of the family of the army major, the army psychiatrist, nidal malik hasan, put out a statementçó overnight calling their relative, quote, despicable and deplorable, as the investigations begins on the career record, the signs along the way, and what happened yesterday. as you may know, it was thought for most of the day yesterday that he had perished in the exchange of gun fire and in quite a surprise last night around 9:30 eastern time, the commanding general announced he had in fact lived and was accompanied by army intelligence officers and fbi who will presumably, if he fully recovers from his wounds, question him about what went into yesterday's attack. we are waiting, and cameras are trained on the port as the president will make his way in. we should tell you flags are at half staff throughout the white house complex, and at a time this afrnoon, there will be a moment of silence throughout the u.s. armed forces at the exact moment of the shooting at ft. hood. that will be at 1:34 in the afternoon, texas time. of course that was t
Nov 11, 2009 11:00am EST
. the county is taking a step to protect teenagers becoming the first in the united states to do so. craig melvin has the report. >> my mcancer was found when i was pregnant. >> you went to the gym and tanned. >> reporter: they filled a room tuesday night. they want to prevent anybody under the age of 18 from using tanning machines. >> one dermatologist would love to see more counties impose age restrictions. >> anybody before the age of 30, it increases their chances by 75%. >> reporter: bruce challenged the lobbyist. >> we will have to go to court and then challenge the authority. there will be litigation if they don't listen to reason. >> reporter: the county admits they know it will probably happen but know and are ready for court battles. >> reporter: craig melvin, news4. >> the measure passed unanimously last night, 9-0. >>> and the council committee voted 4-1 to send the bill to the full council in the next few weeks. the committee made a key change to the bill though, and now states churches and other religious koerg norganizations be forced to rent out to gay marriage couples even
Nov 17, 2009 11:00am EST
.c. superior court judge, and a colonel in the united states army reserves. he receive add warm welcome home at his son's school in northeast washington yesterday. and the judge was deployed in april. he previeded over criminal cases. >> an opportunity to come back and talk to the kids is what a we should be doing. it's so important for us to do this, because there are so many of america's sons and daughters out there fighting the good fight. >> he gave the school a flag that flew over the war zones he was in. he is now back on the bench in superior court. >>> a cruise ship was returning from a voyage around the an arctic. most of the british citizens are on it. the ship should be able to break free and the ice and return to port. the tourists are using the unplanned stop to tour the surrounding area. >> i bet they are. 11:38 is the time. time to look at the day's weather. >>> we had a cooler morning than yesterday. it will be a cooler day ase have a east-northeasterly breeze bringing in some of the cooler air off the bay where the bay water temperatures right now are in the low 50s. in anna
Nov 25, 2009 11:00am EST
's thanksgiving day parade. >> there you are, the president of the united states announcing courage will be spared. and we can thank sasha and malia for that. and now courage will head out to los angeles for disneyland. >> first class airplane ticket. >>> still ahead on "news4 midday," how to survive the holiday shopping, including the crowds on black friday. >>> and avoid a trip to the emergency room. turkey >>> there are only 29 shopping days left until christmas. many of you probably are waiting for the below-market bargains. and consumer tips will help you to save. kimberly suiters reports. >>> my strategy is simple. if you are not afraid to spend money you can do it in an hour, easy. >> but many are reigning in spending this year. >> things are tighter, and, you know, i am hoping that things are on sale, and that things are dramatically reduced. >> i don't know christmas this year. the economy is rough. >> reporter: they have four top shopping tips to save you money. first, make a list and check it twice. >> otherwise you will wonder around the stores and spend more than you need to spend or
Nov 27, 2009 11:00am EST
of the house arrest. it is still deciding to exstraw date polanski to the united states where he has been a fugitive for years for having sex with a 13-year-old girl. >>> and then a north carolina newspaper is reporting that shaquille o'neal paid $3500 for the funeral of shaniya davis. and her body was found beside a rural role on november 16th. shaniya's mother is facing charges in the case of human trafficking, and another man is charged with kidnapping and rape. >>> and now, people arriving now for the funeral services for abe pollin. we will have a live report. >>> black friday, where shoppers rushed to and where they did not. >>> and what governor's mansion was given a makeover, and it was very charmin. >>> right now on "news4 midday," friends and family are gathering say good by to abe pollin. >> the long-time wizards' owner will be laid to rest today. kimberly, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, joe and barbara. it's set to begin at 11:30. we have been watching a steady stream of mourners coming here to honor abe pollin. today mr. pollin is beloved by so many. there are
Nov 5, 2009 11:00am EST
were killed. there were chants against karzai and the united states. now on to health care reform. days before the house votes on their version of those opposing the overhaul plan are expected on capitol hill at noon. people are already gathering for the rally called a house call on the capitol and a republican congresswoman is behind the movement. representative michelle backman wants people to tell congress people to vote no on health care reform. brooke hart has more. >> reporter: they came with strollers and strong pins, moms demanding universal coverage for kids. >> without significant changes children will be worse off than better off. we say children must be better off after health reform. >> reporter: today opponents of health care reform staged their own rally. >> there are buses coming in from state after state after state. >> reporter: gop critics encouraging them to storm lawmakers' offices and demand no votes on overhaul plans. >> you have the power to defeat this government takeover of our health care system and the takeover one-sixth of our economy. >> did you have pain d
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7